“i live in california”




All you backwards ass, meth-addled redneck losers rotting away in the 49 other states in the union better shut the fuck up for once, it’s time for the forgotten and displaced peoples of the 6th largest economy in the world to be heard for a change.

This lady couldn’t be any more clear – if you voted for Trump, you voted for a national security threat with no demonstrable history of defending the interests of common Americans before defending his own. Oh, and you’re a retard who can’t think for yourself without Googling for facts or opinions that contradict The Huffington Post. Also, you smell like shit and nobody wants to sit with you at lunch, go eat your pudding alone like Steven Glansburg.

The fact that you didn’t vote for the other national security threat with no demonstrable history of defending the interests of common Americans before defending her own is so offensive that enlightened, altruistic, 100% unbiased people like the woman in this video no longer respect your DNA, let alone your humanity – which, believe me, they absolutely did respect before the election, back when you were quiet and marginalized, clinging bitterly to your guns and religion in those worthless small towns we should have bulldozed and turned into luxury condo communities with monorail service to Whole Foods years ago.

Does that upset you? Because it really should.

Look at what you’ve done. The next four years could have been so different, so exceedingly inspirational and transformative, if you had just kept your god damn mouths shut and let the responsible, intelligent, good-looking award winners in Hollywood speak for all of us at the ballot box when we had the chance to put ovaries to the Oval Office that didn’t belong to a White House intern. Who gives a fuck about representative democracy when you’ve got rich old white people representing you? The Founding Fathers (who by the way were African American and had bars for days, as we learned in the important Broadway musical Hamilton) didn’t design our government so that bum ass factory workers in Detroit who can’t find work could have the same voting rights as #blessed socialites in LA who don’t have to work. This isn’t fair.


Honestly, you people are disgusting. I don’t care if you have a differing opinion from me. All of you close-minded dipshits who get your political analysis from broke ass AM talk radio instead of the Keepin’ it 1600 and Five Thirty-Eight podcasts should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you even know how to work iTunes? Get the fuck out of my country.

p.s. – Seriously, why isn’t there a monorail service to Whole Foods yet?

credit to occupy democrats for the original video


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