fight of the year contender

Rarely does a fight video fire on all cylinders like this one. It has everything – hands getting thrown, a completely ineffective peacemaker, several attempts at vehicular manslaughter and A+ commentary throughout. The busted fire hydrant finale is so perfect it almost makes me think the whole thing was scripted. “And it ain’t even summertime, there ain’t nothin’ we can do with that, that’s crazy” is such a hilarious statement to make, like if this had happened in July people would’ve made lemons out of lemonade and played in the water instead of calling the cops.

By the way, I’ll be workshopping “OH MY MAMA” in regular conversation as my go-to reactionary phrase from now on.

p.s. – How about the camera girl withholding judgment on this crazy bitch at the end? “Then again, if I was that mad – well I did drive through a house, huh? So I take that one back.” I need that video.

credit to grindface everything for the video


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